Monday, January 25, 2010

January 8, 2009

be perfect right now

Did you find that title a little harsh? Unrealistic, maybe? Does anyone even read the titles on these things? Heck, I sure don't.

Just a quick word for you guys. This is something God was telling me on the way home. We talk alot about baby-steps in our culture. There are seven steps to anything; 3 easy payments. In our Christian walk we would all like to be one step closer to who God wants us to be today.

God spoke a different view of it to me. Be perfect today. Be exactly who God wants you to be today. That doesn't mean it may not take time to grow. What it does mean is that we have hope. We CAN be exactly where we are meant to be right now. Do you wanna be closer to God? Don't be a little more like God wants you to be. Be who He wants you to be. Today He wants you to be a child who is growing. The place you find yourself on that path is the perfect place for you today. Seeking, growing, healing. This is the goal today. Today you're growing. If you're moving at God's pace, in God's direction, you are where you need to be.

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